Licensed Independent Social Worker

Counseling and Psychotherapy,

2700 East Main Street, # 101

Bexley, OH  43209

(614) 231-0228

fax:  (614) 231-8660

Issues I can Help With

To make an appointment, call (614) 231-0228.

There is no receptionist.  You will either get Susan or a voice mail prompt.  

Maybe you are tired of feeling sad and stressed and want help making changes.  Maybe you are the one who always helps others and now needs a little support yourself.   Or you may be on medication and want help with coping skills.  

Please note that I do travel a lot and I don't have back up therapists, so if you need someone always available, I am not the person for you. 

Knowing you need help shows strength.  Making that first call is the hardest step. 

I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Bexley, OH.  I have a masters degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago and over 30 years experience in the social work field.    The people I work with aren't crazy.  They are  people who are going through a rough time in their lives who may be depressed or anxious.   


  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Divorce/Parenting issues
  • Work problems

You can email me at but please don't write personal details as the email is not encrypted.   Once you make an appointment, you will  have a patient login, and you can send encrypted emails, if you want.

  • Grief​
  • Relationship issues
  • General discontent