You can email me at but please don't write personal details as the email is not encrypted.   Once you make an appointment, you will  have a patient login, and you can send encrypted emails, if you want.

Maybe you are tired of feeling sad and stressed and want help making changes.  Maybe you are the one who always helps others and now needs a little support yourself.   Or you may be on medication and want help with coping skills.  

Please note that I do travel a lot and I don't have back up therapists, so if you need someone always available, I am not the person for you. 

To make an appointment, call (614) 231-0228.

There is no receptionist.  You will either get Susan or a voice mail prompt.  

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Divorce/Parenting issues
  • Work problems


Licensed Independent Social Worker

Counseling and Psychotherapy,

2700 East Main Street, # 101

Bexley, OH  43209

(614) 231-0228

  • Grief​
  • Relationship issues
  • General discontent

Knowing you need help shows strength.  Making that first call is the hardest step. 

I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Bexley, OH.  I have a masters degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago and over 30 years experience in the social work field.    The people I work with aren't crazy.  They are  people who are going through a rough time in their lives who may be depressed or anxious.   

Issues I can Help With