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                  Mindfulness Coach


                  These are mindfulness and relaxation

                  apps and can be useful.  

                   Remember to exercise and spend

                   time trying to enjoy nature.


                  Try to spend time with family 

                   and friends without looking at

                   your phone.  





Deciding to call a therapist can be really difficult, but is a first step to helping yourself feel better.  

For more information:  call (614) 231-0228

Frequently Asked Questions

​​    Privacy

     In general, what you tell me remains

     between you and me.  I won't even

     tell someone you are seeing me,

     without your permission.  However

    in order for insurance to pay, I must

    give them a diagnosis and they have

    the right to ask for more info, but 

    that has never happened.   However,

    if there is indication of possible 

    child abuse, elder abuse or that you

    might seriously harm yourself or

    someone else, then I must report that.


What Happens in the First Session

I will ask you many questions about your current problems, your past, your family, your work, your health, hobbies and more.  I will ask why you are coming now and what you've done to try to improve things.  We will discuss goals for therapy.  If I think I'm the wrong person for your, I will tell you that.  I  may suggest books or apps.  Clients often cry in sessions and that's fine.  I won't make you talk about anything that makes you uneasy. 

How Long are the Sessions and How Many Times 

Sessions are about 45 minutes long and clients often start out coming weekly, but that is variable based on schedules, finances, emotional needs and more.  Some people feel better about a few times and others come for months into a year or so.