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                  Mindfulness Coach


                  These are mindfulness and relaxation

                  apps and can be useful.  

                   Remember to exercise and spend

                   time trying to enjoy nature.


                  Try to spend time with family 

                   and friends without looking at

                   your phone.  





Note:  I'm not taking new clients.  The information 

‚Äčto the left is about therapy in general.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy

How long are the sessions:  45 to 60 minutes depending on the therapist.

How much does it cost:  That's variable too depending on your insurance or whether the therapist takes your insurance.  Some insurance plans consider a therapist to be a specialist you might have to pay the specialist co-pay of $60.  Others pay $10.  Others have to meet a deductible first and may need to pay $65 or more.  If your therapist doesn't take insurance, then he or she will tell you what the fee is.  

How many sessions will I need:  that is variable too.  It can be anywhere from 1 to a couple years.

Is going to therapy mean I'm crazy or you will take away my kids?   Therapy just means you want some help with problems of life.  It doesn't mean you are crazy.

Will my information be private?  Therapists need your permission to share your information with others.  On rare occasions, if it's an emergency, they might share information with a doctor who is treating you.

Deciding to call a therapist can be really difficult, but is a first step to helping yourself feel better.